Saturday, August 30, 2014

Long Awaited Labor Day


It is here! The holiday weekend I have been waiting for since April. I measure our work camping season by three weekends. Memorial Day, Fourth of July and the best of all, Labor Day. Labor Day is the best because once that benchmark has been reached, the work lload will drop off dramatically.

Of the 14 areas we manage, all of them will close September 28th, except for the Barton Flats campground and the Jenks Lake day use area. After the 28th, we will need to winterize the campgrounds that are closed, paint picnic tables and make sure the fire rings are cleaned out. Our camp host will help with all of this starting as soon as Labor Day is over and the campgrounds less busy.

The Barton Flats campground (where we are located) will not close until November 15th. That means that Max and I will will have to be here until almost Thanksgiving! Yikes!! What this really means to me is that it is going to be getting cold and the probability of having it snow on us is very real. Surprised smile

Last week Max and I took a trip down to Highland to see Jeff Dunham. It was a good show but it is better to watch a ventriloquist on Tv. It was still a lot of fun and Max was able to get her game on in the casino. She is a real high roller, notice the 2 cent machine!

I should not tease her, I lost all my money and she came out ahead.


We have two more Ranger talks to support this weekend and then we will be done supporting it for the season. This will free up our Saturday nights. The Ranger talks are put on by the San Gorgonio Wilderness Association  every Saturday night from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

We will miss seeing Smokey every Saturday night. I guess he will be eating as much as he can in the next few months to get ready for his winter nap. Shoot, he just has to hang out with me for a month or two, I can show him how to put the weight on!


This next Tuesday, our friends Rayn and JJ are going to come over with Rayn’s sister that is visiting from Ohio. We plan on having a cookout that night and then on Thursday Max and I are going to host a BBQ for our Camp hosts to thank them for supporting us this season. Then on Sunday the company is hosting an appreciation BBQ for all the employees on the mountain. Three cookouts in one week! See Smokey! You need to hang out with me!

Everyone have a great Labor Day Weekend!



Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

wohoo! Glad you survived the summer.

Steve and Joan said...

Can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Al and Karen said...

You had a busy summer! You'll be glad for some R&R this winter I'm sure.

Laurel Owen said...

Summer definitely flew by!