Friday, September 19, 2014

Short Update


Our camping season is winding down for most of our campgrounds. September 28th we will close all of our facilities except Jenks Lake and the Barton Flats campground. Our camp hosts last day will be the 27th, so on Sunday the 28th, Max and I will have to go to each campground and get all the campers out at a reasonable time and get the gates locked. Noon is the normal check out time, but normally if we do not have a reservation coming in for that site we will let them linger around for a little longer. We will have to try to get them all out so we can close up.

Our camp hosts can stay in the campground for up to two weeks longer if they want to, and most of them are. Unfortunately I can not use them to help winterize or get the campground completely shut down for the winter. Max and I will have most of the month of October to get them squared away.

Max and I put some tri-tip and pork loin on the smoker and had all of our host’s over for a BBQ to thank them for their support and hard work over the summer. We had a fun evening telling camp host stories, which most of them end up dealing with bathroom issues. Not always the best dinner conversations but in this business you get used to it.



We still slip away from the mountain when we can. We recently went to Palm Springs where it was 107 degrees. Needless to say we had to get cooled off the best way we know how!


Our friends Rayn and JJ over at Serrano will finish up their season on the 27th also. They have a start date at Amazon in Fernley Nv. later in October. Since they are going to be heading right by our campground as they leave, they plan on stopping by for a couple of days so we can hang out and maybe do a little Jeeping. I think a little ice cream will be devoured sometime during their stay.

The trees are starting to change colors and there is a nip in the air at night. Hopefully we can get this assignment buttoned up before the snow comes. Which reminds me, I better buy a snow scraper. I have not needed one since we left Indiana in 2010. 

Here is a pic I took at Big Bear just past labor day.


And here is one from this week taken at Jenks Lake


 Fall is definitely coming!




Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

Love the KC Chiefs hat..

Laurel Owen said...

I'm sure that the cooler temps are welcome! You guys look like you are enjoying managing those campgrounds, but some time off is needed :)

Steve and Joan said...

Can't wait to see you guys in person and hear about your summer! We'll be back at Lake Mead this winter. You'll have to come visit.