Tuesday, November 11, 2014

One More Week


We are on our final countdown. Five and a half days until we close this campground for the season. As we check everybody in on Friday and Saturday night, we will tell them that on Sunday the bathrooms will be locked at 12:00 noon, and the front gate will be closed.

All of our other campgrounds have now been winterized so all we have this week is just this one campground. It will give us a nice week only having to work in this one. We think we can close this one on Sunday at noon and have it winterized and completely shut down by Monday night. Hopefully my boss does not have any other assignments for us because we plan on getting off this mountain and down to Jojoba Hills on Tuesday.

It has been a long season, almost three months longer than if we would have just kept a camp hosting position. The good thing about it is that it will help pay back our savings faster and we can stop working sooner. We would be done now if we would have sold the truck, but since we want our cake and eat it too, we will just have to suck it up for another year or two. It will be worth it when we are done. We will have a really nice home base to keep the fifth wheel and have the motorhome to travel out with.

This last Sunday was also Maxine’s birthday. We celebrated last Wednesday by going down to the casino and having the seafood buffet. I won’t say how old Max is now but she is now able to order off of the senior menu!

Yesterday we pulled the motorhome out and took it to the dump station to wash it. The company has a power washer so I wanted to use it to get up on the roof and get all the tree sap off that has accumulated on it all season.


We got done around 3:00pm and one of our campers came up and wanted to ask us about full timing and work camping. We spent a good hour or so answering their questions and giving our opinion on things. After they left Max and I headed down the mountain to go to Famous Dave’s. That is two trips down the mountain in a week!

As I am writing this, I have a visitor coming to the window. A white headed woodpecker is looking at his reflection in the window. and is perching in the tree just outside, cool!

get-attachment (1)


So far we only have 12 reservations for the last weekend, but we will probably get that many or more coming in for a walk in site. Ether way we will not be full so it should be an easy weekend. That said Murphy usually shows up and makes it interesting.

We have been really lucky this fall that the temps have been warm and we could work outside without being cold. I expect that next spring when we come back that it will not be this warm and we will have to put everything back together in the cold. Until then we will soak up all of the Southern California and Arizona sun that we can this winter.

Let the countdown begin!! 

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