Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Back To Retirement Mode


Max and I closed our last campground on Sunday November 16th. By Monday around noon we had everything winterized, the company truck turned in,  and by 2:00 pm the motorhome pointed down the mountain. We are back in retirement mode!!

We made it back to Jojoba Hills in Aguanga on Monday night and got the motorhome parked next to the fifth wheel and turned the refrigerator on to start cooling down. We started transferring some things right away but most of it was going to wait until Tuesday. By Tuesday night we had everything moved out that we wanted to, and then put the motorhome into the storage lot.

Now in the 7 months or so that we have been gone there has been a pretty good turn over in the resort. There are a lot of original members from 25 years ago that are getting up there in age and are leaving the park. We have had 20 or so new couples come into the park. That is great! What this also created was openings in the assigned storage lot. Max and I went to the office to see if there was a space that was easier to park the motorhome than what we had. We scored with a nice end space right underneath the security light. Now getting the motorhome in and out will be a breeze!!

We spent our first week here planning our landscaping project that we want to do and I installed a reverse osmosis drinking system in the fifth wheel. That was not as easy of a project that I thought it would be and we had to make some concessions,  but overall we are happy with it.

We took a road trip back to Phoenix to spend Thanksgiving with Max’s mom and sister. We had a nice dinner on Thursday, then on Friday we went Jeeping up to a little town called Crown King. There is only one road in and out and it is a very easy dirt road, but about 28 miles long. We ate lunch at a nice restaurant that was built from repurposed materials and it resembled an old ore mill.

The views were very nice.



The food was really good.


The small town of Crown King



Saturday we went over to Max’s mom’s and we went to the craft show at the local senior center. There were lot of nice things but we did not buy anything. Afterwards we hung the outside Christmas lights for mom.


My brother in-law Randy on the job to make sure Max is safe on the ladder! I am watching you Randy Winking smile


Max must have taken exception to something I said!


Sunday we headed back to Aguanga and our plan is to start doing some landscaping on our lot. We will do it little by little because being down on the ground laying pavers is not going to be fun, and I have to fit it in between playing pickleball and other activities, but we will like it when it is done.

Next Monday we also have plans to take a camping trip. You would think that after spending 7 months in a campground, that this would be the last thing we would want to do. We have never camped on the beach before so we made reservations for four nights at Doheny State Beach. We have a ocean front site and plan on just sitting our butts down in the sand for four days.

Enjoy Your Day!



Laurel Owen said...

Hmmm, poor Max. I never see pictures of you doing anything :) We can't wait to take a bit of time off too!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Enjoy that beach time!