Saturday, February 7, 2015

Quartzsite Then Back At Jojoba


January is over, and the first week of February is  gone. Max and I returned from Quartzsite after spending several weeks there. Quartzsite is a crazy place every January and we have been there the last three years in a row. Our friends Rayn and JJ were hanging out with us as we did some Jeeping, shopping, eating, Jeeping, shopping, eating and sometimes we were just eating, and Jeeping. The last week of January we headed back to Jojoba Hills and Rayn and JJ were headed to Phoenix. So with hugs and see ya down the road we left our friends. I know we will see them next winter.

Here are a few pictures from Quartzsite

Our camp spot with Rayn and JJ’s Lazy Daze


The sunsets were amazing!


Kofa Wildlife Refuge




We had a mini CLM employee reunion with Bob and Julia and Rayn and JJ.  It was a little chilly in the evening but between the taco salad, brownies and a few margaritas we made due!


We took a day trip to Castle Dome which is an historic mining district ghost town. They have a nice museum with displays of the time. It was an interesting tour with several vertical shaft mines in the area. They mainly mined silver and lead here and very little gold.




I am glad that they had fencing around the mine shafts, some of those shafts are 200 feet deep.


On the way back we ended up getting another flat tire on the Jeep. This is the second flat we have gotten on a very smooth gravel road. I think the tire tread has worn down enough to where we will be getting new tires.


When we arrived back at Jojoba, our patio paver project was still waiting for us. The paver fairies did not come and lay all the blocks down while we were gone., but before we could get involved in the project we needed to get some doctor appointments done and we needed to get new tires for the Jeep. Since we were getting new tires we also got new rims and lifted the Jeep a couple of inches.

Here are the before and after pics of the Jeep




We finally started laying the sand down last Monday then we started on the pavers on Thursday.




Ready for pavers





We made it to here, then the parks irrigation system came on and we found out that the feed line had a leak in it a few feet from the tree.


We had to dig up and repair the line so it would not make the pavers sink over time.


We have the leak fixed and are now back in business to get the rest of the pavers down. Luckily the park has a hot tub so we can recuperate a little each night as needed.

Hopefully we will get the whole project done by the end of February. We have to leave at the end of March to begin this season up at Big Bear. We would like to be able to enjoy as much of March as possible.

Enjoy Your Day!


Bruce and Laura said...

What a fun winter. The paving project looks awesome!

Laurel Owen said...

You guys know how to have fun :) Jeep looks great, and Max is doing a fabulous job on the pavers!

John said...

Love the new jeep look.