Sunday, February 22, 2015

Project Continues & New Opportunities


Our patio paver project is coming along. I had to measure each block along the wall and cut them so they would fit in place. IMG_1726[1]

After getting everything cut and in place, it was time to put the joint sand in. This was a lot harder than what we thought it would be. These blocks fit together pretty tight so it was hard to get sand down between the joints.


After we had the joint sand in place we rented a plate compacter and compacted the pavers down into the sand. After that we were ready for the first coat of sealer.


We then started putting up the finishing wall and the ring around the tree.



All we have left to do now is a garden wall by the shed and to put decretive stone in place. We can see light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully we will be done for this year in another week. We have to shift gears soon and start getting the motorhome ready for our summer employment.

For the last two years we camp hosted up at Big Bear and this year we were going to return as well. Life has a funny way of changing as you go along and this year we were presented with an opportunity that fits perfectly with what we want to do and was really too good to pass up. Obviously our goal is to travel and see the country, and in the last two years we have been pretty much locked down to the Big Bear area working to re-coop the money we took out of savings to buy the Jeep and the motorhome.

Our friends Steve and Joan from Fosj told us about a position that they took and thought that we would be interested as well. After hearing about it we sent the company our resume and they called us for a telephone interview and hired us.

We will be working in Utah, Idaho,Wyoming and Montana. We will work 40 hours a week taking our Jeep and using GPS and a tablet mapping BLM roads. We will be a team of several other couples that will travel together map that specific area then move on to the next area. The company pays us a nice hourly wage plus fuel to move from campground to campground, all camping fees and fuel for the Jeep and a daily stipend for the use of the Jeep.

The beauty of this job is that we will be traveling with good friends, make more money, work less hours than camp hosting, and get to see a lot of country and be 4 wheeling. The Jeep may get scratched up a little in the process so I must be prepared for that first scratch, eeek!

 I am sure that the daily grind of riding in the Jeep for 8 hours a day will take it’s toll, but when we get back to the campground in the afternoon we will be done for the day. No one knocking on our door wanting firewood or complaining about too much noise. Our start date will be around April 13th and we will be starting in Utah. We are really looking forward to this new adventure and seeing some country we have never been to before.

Our project should get done this next week so we will have the month of March to get the motorhome re-packed and ready to travel. Of course we have to keep time available to play a little each day.

Enjoy Your Day!


Steve and Joan said...

I told Steve he better keep the jeep well waxed! Hopefully the scratches will rub ou! Or we'll just have to live with desert pinstriping!

Jim and Barb's RV Adventure said...

Looking forward to meeting you guys and working together this summer!

Dave and Maxine- Wandering Wingers said...

Looking forward to meeting you too Jim and Barb. Should be an adventure for sure. See you soon, safe travels!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Looks great!

Laurel Owen said...

Keep White Sulphur Springs, MT in your horizon. We'll be working there this summer at Conestoga Campground.
Sounds like a good gig for you guys!

HDrider said...

Sounds like a great gig!!! Have fun with it.