Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Finishing Up


Time has been flying by and we are trying to get our projects for this year completed before we concentrate on heading north in April. We completed the patio and walls and then decided to go ahead and add the decretive rock to the inside of it all.

The following pictures show Max with the shovel in her hands. Let me assure everyone that she did not shovel all the rock by herself! No wives were abused or overworked in anyway…well maybe a little for having to put up with me, but she knew that going in!





We will work on the walkway and the area in front of the shed next fall when we return. It won’t be near as much as what we did this year thank goodness.

As if the paver project was not enough work, we volunteered to help with replacing the shed roofs in the park. There are over 300 sheds and they are 25 years old. The shingled roofs are showing their age so replacement is needed. Instead of replacing with shingles, the park decided to use metal roofs.

Estimates to have them done by an outside contractor was reaching $180,000 plus. Since this is a volunteer run resort, we figured there would be enough volunteers to do the work in house. We have several crews of volunteers that have stepped up to help. There is a bit of a learning curve but we have gotten it down to around a hour and a half start to finish on a typical shed. With the daytime temps starting to get to the high 80’s most work is done in the morning hours. Most members will be leaving right after Easter so work will stop and then resume again next fall when everyone returns.

This last week we received a care package from a friend that I grew up with in Kansas City. Kansas City is well known for it’s BBQ, and finding BBQ sauce that is comparable while on the road is challenging. He must have felt sorry for us, so he sent us a nice supply. Thanks Mike! The smoker will be going this weekend Winking smile


Since we will be traveling quite a bit with the motorhome this year pulling the Jeep, I needed to get a supplemental brake unit. I ordered a Brake Buddy from PPL Motorhomes and it arrived last week. It was pretty straight forward on how to hook it up and use it. The hardest part was hooking up and routing the break away wiring on the Jeep. After an hour or so I had it installed. Most states require a supplemental braking unit so now we will be legal where ever we end up this summer.

Another issue we found out about the motorhome is that it is missing the air inlet tube to the air box. Not sure why that was taken off but I ordered a new one and will get it installed. Without it, rain water could enter the air filter causing water to get into the fuel mixture creating all kinds of mischief.  We are a little concerned about traveling with the motorhome because we have not driven it over a couple of hours at a time. We sure don’t want any breakdowns as we are starting this new job. We will be keeping our fingers crossed.

Right now the information that we are getting is that we will start our new job around April 13th up in Utah. We plan on leaving Jojoba right after Easter and probably stop in Vegas for a day or two then move on up into Utah. We will play it by ear on where we go from there until we have to report for work.

That’s it for now! Enjoy Your Day!


Kenny And Angela's Adventure said...

We are working our way slowly back to KC for a visit. And can't wait to get back to the great BBQ.

Kent and Martha Fites said...

The pavers look great ! A lot of hard work but well worth it.
Safe travels & hope all works out.

We are still in Sarasota. Has been a great winter here.

Kent & Martha

Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Lots of work but I am sure it is well worth it:)

Jim and Barb's RV Adventure said...

Great job in the pavers! Only a couple more weeks and we start our new jobs!

Laurel Owen said...

Nice job on those pavers. Maybe we'll have to try out Jojoba someday and see it in person :) We're counting down the weeks here too, getting hitch itch!