Sunday, April 12, 2015

Vacation Is Over


We spent much of last week roaming around Capitol Reef NP, Cathedral Valley and Goblin State Park. There is so much to see that as our friend Joan put it….Scenic Overload.

We came across this old truck and drill rig. it looks like he got stuck right here and it was left where it was.


This area of Cathedral Valley reminds me of what Mars must look like.




My favorite Martian!




Goblin State Park is a really neat place. It has very unique “Hoodoo” rock formations that the locals called goblins.




Our lunch spot for the day.


There are five national parks in Utah and we eventually want to get to all of them. some of them will have to wait until our job ends in the fall.

We left Torrey Last Tuesday and headed over to Delta Utah to put us closer to where we think we will be working. I also had an appointment for the Jeep to be looked at to see if we can get this engine light issue resolved.

On Wednesday we took the Jeep in and I had a long discussion with the service manager about our issue. They ended up changing the cam position sensor and we will go from there. I need to get it off road for a day or two before I feel comfortable that this was the issue. Keeping our fingers crossed!

We got the word that we will meet with our employers and co-workers just outside of Salt Lake City, in a little town called Tooele. We will move this morning (Sunday) and we will start our training on Monday.

Enjoy Your Day!

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Laurel Owen said...

Have fun in your new job!