Sunday, April 26, 2015

Another Adventure Begins


We made it to Tooele Utah on the 12th of April to start our summer job inventorying BLM roads. The first few days we have been training at the campground on how to use the equipment and then we started going out on our own. We would review our results each night with our bosses Chuck and Claudia. After a week we are starting to get the hang of it and another week we should be more confident that we are using the right terms for the conditions we see. We will be in this area for the next couple of weeks then we will head up towards Idaho Falls, Idaho.

After arriving at Tooele, the weather took a turn for the worse and we had a snow day.

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It melted later in the day so we did not have to drive in it thankfully. The rest of last week was dry but cool. So far our routes have not been too bad but we know we will be getting into more rugged terrain as we work closer to the mountains.

Yeah…we could have a worse job.

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Some of our co-workers are working another section and are seeing some wild horses and some Antelopes. All we have seen so far is cattle and Jackrabbits. Hopefully as we work closer to the mountains we will start seeing more wildlife.

Tooele has a micro brewery that also serves pretty good food. So far we have been here about four times in a week and a half. I am thinking this is going to be a pretty good group to work with!

Our bosses and team members.

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We came across these “Pioneer Charcoal Ovens”. These were built in 1882, and they would hold about 25 cords of wood. Then a controlled burn would happen for about 12 to 15 days. The result would be charcoal wood that they would sell to smelters, and to the railroad to be used in cook ovens.



We also have come across the old Pony Express Route. They could make it from St. Joseph Mo. to Sacramento California in ten days. Each rider would ride about 100 miles along the route. We were at the site of the Faust station.

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The Jeep is still acting up, even after a dealer replaced the cam position sensor. We had an appointment to take it in on Saturday. We got up early and took it out and made the check engine light come on and then creped into the dealer. Wouldn’t you know it that the only Jeep tech they had called in sick! So I guess we will have to wait until next week. We can still drive it but it is worrisome to be way out in the boonies and have an engine light coming on all the time.

That is about it for now!

Enjoy Your Day!

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