Sunday, June 21, 2015

South…West…East…Back South…Then North, Whew!


I ran into a guy last week that looked just like me. He even had a wife that looked like Max and they even drove a Winnebago pulling a Jeep that was identical to ours. We met somewhere between Arco Idaho, Temecula California and Kaycee Wyoming. I think over the past two and a half weeks we proved that you can be so busy that you can meet yourself coming and going!

Max and I left Arco Idaho on May 27th to meet our son Dave, his wife Beth and the two grand boys in southern California. We made the trip south in three nights leaving after work on Thursday night.  Our first night stop was just a parking lot in Wells Nevada, the next two nights we stopped at the Thousand Trails Resort in Las Vegas to spend some time there. Of course we had to find a seafood buffet and do a little gambling.

We arrived at the Anaheim RV Resort Sunday afternoon and Dave, Beth and the boy’s arrived from Indiana about an hour after we got there. We visited most of the evening and then we all turned in exhausted from traveling all day.

Monday we took a tour of Paramount Studios, it was interesting but I wish they would have shown us more sets. The only one they took us on was the set of the “Doctors” and Dr. Phil’s. We did see a quick glimpse of Henry Winkler driving by on a golf cart. It is the summer break so there was not much activity going on.

Tuesday, Dave and Beth took off to visit friends in LA while Max and I took the boy’s down to Carlsbad Ca. to Lego Land. Max and I have not been to a theme park since the mid 90’s, and those were small ones in Indiana/Ohio. I knew it was going to be crowded and I hate crowds with a passion. So I just had to put on my patience hat and do it for the boy’s. Luckily the lines moved pretty well and I think the boy’s got to see what they wanted to see. I just kept reminding myself that the boy’s were having fun like I do when I go into a RV show.

The displays at Lego Land are impressive to say the least.


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The model makers must have the best job in the world!

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Wednesday we moved from the Anaheim RV Resort to our park at Jojoba. Our neighbors across the street from us are out of the park for the summer so there lot is open and it is in the rental pool. We were able to rent that lot to park the motorhome on. We quickly got set up and then opened up the fifth wheel for Dave and Beth to stay in while the boys stayed with us in the motorhome. We stayed to nights relaxing and playing in the pool.

Friday Dave and Beth took off to travel to Phoenix while Max and I took the boys up to the Big Bear area to camp for 5 days. We stayed at Barton Flats which was centrally located to the things we wanted to do.

Campfires, fishing and Geocaching pretty much was our agenda for the 5 days. The boys really liked the geocaching and telling silly ghost stories around the campfire.


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Grandma and Blake playing Yahtzee

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On a Geocache hunt up the mountain.

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We left Barton Flats and headed back to Jojoba to meet back up with Dave and Beth for two more nights before they all flew back to Indiana. It was a great visit and hopefully an adventure the boys will remember. We will see them again next March when we fly back to Indiana to visit. I just hope they have warmer weather than the last time we were there.

Friday morning after our hugs goodbye to the kids we button upped the fifth wheel and pointed the motorhome back north. We got the word that we would not be going back to Idaho but that we would meet the team in Kaycee Wyoming. On the return trip we spent the first night in Cedar City Utah and then the second night in Rawlins Wy. We arrived in Kaycee Wy. population 163. Kaycee is the home of Chris Ledoux , champion bareback rider and country western music star.


A unique statue of Chris in the city park combining his rodeo skills and musical talents.

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The area that we are working is beautiful! We are working around the hole in the wall area where Butch Cassidy and the Sundance kid holed upped along with other outlaws of the times. It is a very remote area.






Yup! We have a great office!!

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We are 4 hours away from Rapid City South Dakota, so since our drivers license are going to expire this fall we decided to make a mad dash one night to get them renewed. We left Tuesday night and returned Wednesday night . We did find time to drive by Mount Rushmore and The Crazy Horse Monument. We were not able to do it justice but plan on going back in another week or so.

That’s it for now, have a great day!


Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Looks like you guys are busy as ever. Glad you got some good Grandparent time in.

Laurel Owen said...

Holy smokes, you are coming and going! We were thinking about you when we saw the fires at Big Bear. Guess you were there before they started.

Kent and Martha Fites said...

Dave & Maxine, You guys have a most PERFECT JOB for the life style
you have. So happy for you. Moving on from the wings is sad since
it was a fun run, but life goes on.

You guys be safe
Kent & Martha