Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Another Quick Update From Idaho


These past several weeks working in Idaho has gone so fast. It has been raining off and on ever since we got here which resulted in a few lost days due to rain.  The weather was bad enough that we did not go to the Grand Tetons for a weekend. Instead we moved from Thornton to a little town called Dubois.

The interesting thing about the campsite here was that it was in a woman’s yard that had water and 30 amp outlets. We were only going to be staying here a week so not having sewer hook ups was not a big deal. We did have a roving creature that like to crow all the time, and I mean all the time!


We have seen other creatures as well, some wild horses and lots of Prong Horns.



But mostly we have been surrounded by these guys.

photo (14)

One thing we learned pretty quick was that since we added the bigger tires which stick out past the fenders, is that any mud or more importantly, manure gets thrown up all over the side of the Jeep. Lets just say that we have left our windows down once and we learned our lesson.

I told our friends Steve and Joan that we were looking for a skull with horns to put on our lot at Jojoba Hills. One day we came home and found these horse heads setting by our motorhome. We immediately blame Steve and Joan for putting them there. Boy were we wrong! It was our bosses Delano and Tracy! I do not know if they thought we were looking for skulls or are just trying to send us a message…


The country is beautiful and some of the roads are like this one. But most are not too easy to spot.

photo (10)

photo_1 (3)

photo_3 (2)

We are in pretty open country so the roads are easy compared to what we saw in Utah. There are lots of gates that we have to open and close, and you have to be careful of the barbed wire, and the splinters from the old posts.

photo_3 (1)

So far we really enjoy this job more than camp hosting. Our bosses are really great people, the company treats everyone very well. We like the fact that we are done when we get home and no public to deal with at all hours of the night.

This past Thursday night we left our merry group and started our two week vacation. We made it to Vegas on Friday around 3:00pm and quickly got set up, showered and headed to the big city to eat at a seafood buffet and do a little gambling. We are headed back to California to meet our son David and his family that is flying in from Indiana. We will meet Sunday in Anaheim at an RV resort where we will spend three days. We will tour Paramount studios and take the grand boy’s to Lego land.

From there we will head over to our park at Jojoba Hills and spend a couple days and then take the boy’s up to Barton Flats to camp and fish for 5 more days. It will be great to be able to be Grandma and Grandpa again for awhile and spoil them as much as we can.

It has come to my attention from my friend and co-blogger Steve from FOSJ that I need to update this blog and take the picture of our old Goldwing off and replace it with something current. Maybe even change the name from Wandering Wingers to something else now that we no longer have the motorcycle.  I agree that it is time so I will have to come up with something.

Enjoy Your Day!


Rayn Hetterscheidt said...

It should be The Egressing Englishes!

Rayn Hetterscheidt said...

It should be The Egressing Englishes!

Al and Karen said...

I do hope you get over here to see us!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Maybe something jeep related English Wranglers? Wandering Wranglers?
Glad you are doing well. Looks like nice country!