Thursday, November 5, 2015

Back To Retirement Mode!


We finished up our week in Frenchglen Oregon, then moved north to a little town called Paulina. Paulina is a General Store with one pump for gas and a little bar next to it. There are four Rv sites across the street which has electric, sewer and a shared water bib connection for water.

It was pretty remote, but it was close to our work area. For the first time all season we did not have any cell or internet service. Not too bad considering I thought it would have happened more often through out the summer. The only problem was that we will finished up the season from there and I had no way to research where we will be going when we leave.

Our original plan was to go up to Mt. Saint Helens then over to the coast and drive highway 101 down into California. Unfortunately, the  weather forecast was for a solid week of rain coming in all along the Oregon coastline. I did not feel like driving in the rain all the time so we decided to head back south following highway 395. This route would give us a chance to see Reno Nv, Lake Tahoe, and the Mammoth Lakes area.

We left Paulina on Tuesday morning, saying our goodbyes to our co-workers and our bosses Delano and Tracy. We were not sure how far south we would get on hwy 395 but figured we would find a spot somewhere. We ended up staying at a small campground right on the Oregon California border. It was only $25 with a pull through and free Wi-Fi.

Headed south on hwy 395

 photo (5)

Wednesday we pulled into the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino and stayed at their RV park. It was only $26 a night and free Wi-Fi. Max and I naturally had to go check the casino out. Max played the slots while I sat in the sports bar and watched the Royals and Mets in the World Series. The whole bar was full of Royals fans so that made the experience that much better!

We did not want to pull into Jojoba Hills at night so we stopped for one more night in Hesperia Ca. We then just had a short 2 hour drive to our winter home. Driving through San Bernardino and Riverside on hwy 15 and 215 was frustrating. Traffic was crazy and I had forgotten on how un-courteous California drivers are! I had to get into my aggressive and defensive driving mode again.

Driving east from Temecula on hwy 79, we know we are getting close to our home base when we see the sculptures of the horses jumping.

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We pulled into Jojoba and parked the motorhome next to the fifth wheel so we could start the transition process back to the fifth wheel. We took our time and got it done by Saturday morning then I flushed the tanks good and took the motorhome to storage. The last few days we have been splitting our time getting things in the fifth wheel squared away and playing in the park.

Yep! Back to retirement mode!



Jim and Barb's RV Adventure said...

What a beautiful shot of the patio pool and the mountains! Is there a spot for us to pull up to?

HDrider said...

Good for you getting back to retirement mode!! Enjoy your winter.

Rayn Hetterscheidt said...

You went right down our old stomping grounds! Gorgeous, right!?

Rayn Hetterscheidt said...

You went right down our old stomping grounds! Gorgeous, right!?

Jonell Anderson said...

Enjoy your winter! It was fun meeting the two of you this summer by the Grand Tetons. Sounds like you had an excellent summer adventure!

Laurel Owen said...

We hope to someday come to that park. It's such a beautiful venue. Don't make Max work too hard doing pavers!