Monday, December 14, 2015

Project Complete!!

Wow! My last blog update was on November 5th. This retirement mode has gotten out of hand. Between working on our site and doing some things in the park I have been remiss in my updates.
Once we got back to Jojoba at the beginning of November, we had to get the motorhome unpacked and placed into storage. We try to get everything out of the motorhome that we think we will need, but for some reason we always have to take several trips a week back to the storage lot to retrieve some item or another. I don’t mind going back to get things but it most always involves retrieving one item, getting back to the 5th wheel and then finding out that I also need another item. So basically if we need something it will involve two trips!
We wanted to get our patio project completed before Thanksgiving. All we had left to do was a walkway between the site pad and the shed and to replace the gravel on the whole lot.

We had existing pavers between the site pad and the shed that needed to come up and to be replaced with new pavers. While Max worked on removing the old pavers, I was busy working on something…I do not quite remember what it was but I am sure it was important to the overall project!!

Here, Max is hammering in some spikes to hold the border edging. 
 Again I was doing something useful I am sure.

Then it was time to bring in 20 tons of gravel to spread out over the lot. 
                        We pulled the fifth wheel out and parked it in the boondocking area while we leveled                           out all the gravel.

For those that think I work Max to death, I do have compassion and I am not totally heartless! I hired the Kubota to do the heavy lifting. For $20 an hour it was the only way to go.

 Our little retreat!



Now our patio is project is done and we can have more time to do other things in the resort.

The last couple of weeks have been filled with lots of pot lucks and dinner and dances at the clubhouse. Almost every club has a pot luck Christmas party so we have been eating way too much food. With Christmas a few weeks away there will be even more parties to attend to. There is such a great community here that it is hard to describe the environment unless you are here. It is a great place to spend the winter.

Enjoy Your Day!


Steve and Joan said...

Your place looks so nice! Great job. Time to sit back and enjoy it! Merry Christmas!

Steve and Joan said...

Your place looks so nice! Great job. Time to sit back and enjoy it! Merry Christmas!

Jim and Barb's RV Adventure said...

Looks great! Don't work Max too hard and have a great Christmas!

Laurel Owen said...

Nice! Good thing Max has union breaks :)