Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy New Year


Happy New Year everyone! Max and I hope everyone had a very nice Christmas and a great New Years Eve.

We spent the Holidays hunkerd down here at Jojoba.  We have some friends and fellow RV-Dreamers that were here last year visiting our park and they are back again for another visit. Dave and Diane from Throwing Caution To The Wind along with Rv-Dreamers and new Jojobians Rick Younger and Teresa Aragon.

We all got togethor for a great Christmas meal at the ranch house. The ladies did a great job preparing everything and us guys do what we do best, stayed out of thier way! We spent Christmas day eating and playing some card games. Its nice to have good friends around when we are not close to family.

Teresa, Max and Diane

photo_1 (1)

The weather here has been really chilly. During the day it gets about 55 to 58 degrees and at night it has been dipping down as low as 28. Hopefully it will start to warm up soon.

We found out this month also that our neighbors are going to be leaving the park. Jim and Nora have been here at Jojoba for the last 10 years or so. We do not know them that well but they have been super neighbors and we will miss them. But on a bright note, our friends Rick and Teresa were able to site trade to that site. Pretty cool!

I played in my first Pickleball tournament and learned alot! Mostly I am not ready for Pickleball tournaments! To be fair to myself I was injured with a back sprain and I have not played and practiced that much with my partner. Sorry Dennis, I did not play well that day. It was still fun to see how a tournament works and I know what I have to do to compete better.

Our Pickleball players


With our site all done we are finding we have alot of extra time on our hands. Max enjoys working on jigsaw puzzles and it was always hard to work on them in the rig. We found this nice fold up table where she can work on it, then fold it up and put it away while the puzzle is in progress.


This week I have a new bumper coming for the Jeep. Hopefully I can get it and the winch installed without too many issues. What should take a couple of hours will be a two day event for me. Murphy’s Law! Just the bumper itself would not be too bad, but I have to take off the existing tow plate, and get the new bumper set up to tow behind the motorhome. Luckily we have a workshop/garage available for just such projects so I can be indoors to get it done.

We are getting some much needed rain this week as well. Hopefully we do not get it all at once. We were also woken up from a small earthquake. It was a 4.2 from Banning Ca. about an hour away as the crow flys. At least its not snow!!!

Enjoy Your Day!




Jim and Barb's RV Adventure said...

Looks like things are going well over there, we met Dave and Diane today here in Quartzsite. Steve and Joan are coming through Q on the 19th. We are having a happy hour for them, you should come over!

Laurel Owen said...

I read about the earthquake and subsequent landslide. El Nino year! Nice new winch setup on the jeep!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Happy New year to you guys. Hope we can cross paths again soon!