Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Settiling In

Well we have made it through the moving in process and are trying to get to a normal schedule. What ever normal is I am not sure but we are getting situated. It's funny how after living in a house for so many years you know where everything is. I think Max will be getting tired of me asking where this or that is. I will get it figured out eventually but then it will be time to move to the travel trailer for the summer and my cognitive skills will be taxed again.

An RV dealer called me and told me that one of the new floor plans that Cameo has is now at their dealership. We will have to take a trip down so we can put eyes on it and start the comparative analysis process between the different manufacturer's. I have been looking and comparing for a long time but Max has just started. I am looking at the construction and warranty differences and whether or not the RV is rated for full time use. I do not want the fact that we are living in the RV to void any warranties. This has narrowed our choices to about 3 or 4 manufactures then it gets narrowed even further by our budget. Maxine has the knack for thinking about livability and storage so the floor plan is going to be pretty much what ever she likes the best. We are not in a hurry to buy yet so we have time to compare.

Looks like my security position at Accugear is going to come to an end within sometime in the next 90 day's. The client is cost cutting and feel like they do not need security services. I actually agree with them. This is a very small operation that runs 24/7 and they handle most things anyway. I am not sure if Securitas will re-assign me to another site or not. We will see. I may end up being a kept man again for awhile. That would not be a bad thing with summer approaching.

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