Friday, April 16, 2010


Each day we are making a little bit more headway in getting things ready and settled. We were able to get Maxine’s motorcycle sold. The guy that bought it took delivery on it on Thursday morning. He was really excited about it, and we know that her old bike is in good hands.

The canvas company called and told us that the elliptical cover was done. We went and picked it up on Thursday afternoon and got the elliptical set up at the campground. Now we have no excuse not to exercise. (Well give me time and I will come up with something)

I have finally gotten around to getting my fishing poles out and getting them ready for fishing. Since we are so close to the lake I told Max that I could set up 3 or 4 poles with bobbers and lay them on the bank. Then I could lay on the glider in the shade drinking a beer and if she saw a bobber go under water she could go down and real it in and bring me the fish. For some reason she is not buying into this concept.

Friday we are spending the day doing laundry and bills, then we are meeting some friends for dinner at the local Cracker Barrel.

Our fifth wheel that we have ordered went on line Thursday and we have an appointment to go to the factory on Monday to watch our home being born. It should be past frame build up and have the walls on it by the time we see it. I am hoping it is still open enough so I can take lots of pictures to see how things are routed. It may come in handy someday if I need to do any repairs down the road.

More pictures of the birth of our Mobile Suites to come!


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