Wednesday, June 23, 2010

All Ahead Full

Its been a crazy week. We finished getting everything we had from the old camper stowed away into the new one. Maxine pretty much has everything where she wants them but will adjust after we have lived in the rig for awhile.

I finally got all of the electronics to work in the RV but still need to work on the outside entertainment area. I need to order a flip down bracket to hold the 22 inch TV that will be in the basement area. This is not high on my priority but want to get it done before we venture too far.

Right now we are looking at around Sept 1st for our launch date and will head to South Dakota to get Max’s drivers license. Then we will probably try to make it down to Arizona for a couple of months to visit Max’s mother and sister. We probably need to get there right around thanksgiving to beat the snow.

Hope all the fathers had a nice fathers day. I know I did. We had the two grand boys over and we did everything from swimming to making a robot body out of a cardboard box. Why is it kids have more fun with a box then they do with any other toy?

I finally got some pictures of the rig set up

Here are a couple of outside shots




Here are some inside views

Suites1 Suites3 Suites4 Suites6 Suites7 Suites10 Suites9

This is our new home and we are really looking forward to the adventure.

We still have a few major purchases to get yet such as a Tonneau Cover for the truck and a couple of Honda generators. Also a lot of camping world purchases to complete the little stuff.

We will be taking a shake down trip  in July, fully loaded to our home park in Michigan for a week. Then we can get any kinks we have come up taken care of before we head out in September. 

On another front, we had a dealer that was at the campground and he looked at our Rockwood travel trailer and he made us an offer. We accepted it due to the fact that it was what we would have ended up with after we paid the consignment fees with another dealer. Overall we got a good price for the trailer and we will really miss it. Now all we have left to sell is the car. We will not get to much for it because it has some ABS sensor issues and it has high mileage but it would make a good first car for some one.

Now to get ready for the fourth of July and to spend as much time with friends and family as possible before we launch.

Full Steam Ahead!!!


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