Monday, June 28, 2010

Launch Date is Set


Launch date is set for Aug 1st. Now that we have that established we can start to finalize the last remaining details. We have to change our addresses for Insurance, Banking, and Investment. With Maxine leaving GM we need to switch from her health care coverage over to the coverage I have as a retired salaried employee. While not as good as the UAW version it at least covers the major things but costs us more per month. I am glad that we are both relatively healthy and hopefully by living this lifestyle we will get more exercise by hiking, biking, and kayaking more. I just need to stay away from the Ice Cream shops.

Last week we ordered a Tonneau cover for the truck. It is a rolling cover and locks into position any where along the rail. This should work pretty good while we are hitched up and will secure the contents of the bed while we are unhitched. We also went on a Camping World internet shopping spree to buy the items we wanted for traveling. We needed a new patio mat, outside grill and roll up table, plus a bunch of little items for inside the rig.

The dealer that bought our Rockwood travel trailer came by Sunday night and gave us the check and picked up the trailer. He also sells Honda generators and is cheaper than Camping World. We ordered 2 2000 watt generators with a parallel kit to run both generators for a full 4000 watts. this will be enough for us to run a few items and recharge the batteries when we boondock in the desert.

We leave for Michigan for a week on July 6th. We will be going to our home park in Kalamazoo. This will be our first trip with the rig fully loaded. We then can adjust anything that does not work well before we head to South Dakota. I have a feeling though that in this lifestyle will be a constantly adjusting this or that.

Hope everyone has a happy and safe 4th of July

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