Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back Home and Settling In

We made it back from Americade last Friday evening. We were dodging all the rain clouds as best we could but still got a little wet.

We had a great trip but are glad to be back home. We have a very busy week getting things moved from the other trailer and from Mikes house. It takes time to get things unpacked and to see where you want to store everything. I pretty much leave it up to Max to decide where she wants to put everything. I just move the totes into the RV and when she gets them unpacked I bring in some more.

We spent most of the weekend at either Wal-Mart or Bed-Bath and Beyond and Menards getting things to help with the organization.

Sunday was our grand daughters baptism and a cookout at Mike and Cheryl’s house. Hamburgers, brats and cold beer were on the menu and of course I ate way too much again.

We have not been getting to bed until around midnight each night due to all of the organizing. While Max is finding nooks and crannies that do not have anything in them, I have been working on getting the TV, Sat, DVD working. There are so many wires in this cabinet that you can not even see what goes where. It should have been just a simple matter to plug the Sat box in to the switch boxes and the amplifier. I finally got the Sat to work on both the main tv and in the bedroom but can not get the dvd to work in the bedroom. The switch boxes seem to have no effect when pushing any of the buttons. After hours and hours of frustration I gave up. I will have to call one of the boy’s to come rescue the old man again.

I have not gotten any pictures of the rig out side because we still have stuff everywhere. Same goes for the inside. We are almost there and hopefully I will be able to get the time to get pics taken and get them posted. Our goal is to have the RV organized and packed by Friday.

We will be taking a road trip the first two weeks in July for our first trip with everything in it. Hopefully we can get most of the bugs worked out and get our setup and hook up routines down pat.

Well back to working on the rats nest of wires to see if I can get the entertainment system to work as it is supposed to.

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