Friday, July 16, 2010

Back in Huntington

After spending the last two days in Lagrange Indiana having the rig serviced, it is good to be back at Camp Timberlake. We only had about an hour and a half drive from Lagrange. It was getting pretty hot and muggy by the time we rolled into the campground. When we left here a week ago we asked the owners if we could get another site when we came back. The one we had was just so tight getting in and out off that it was just not worth the effort since we are only going to be here another two weeks. They put us in another site that happens to be next to a guy I used to work with. He is a contract engineer working at the GM plant and while assigned here he and his wife stay in a Mobile Suites fifth wheel. In fact he is the one that introduced me to the Mobile Suites brand way back in 2005.

We got set up just in time before some thunder storms came through. Then we went to the store and bought the weekly grocery’s. By the time we got back the rain had moved through and it had cooled off enough where we could go for a nice walk. In the next few days we have to get our old campsite cleaned up. I have a grill and firewood I need to move over and a big glider swing we are going to take to Dave and Beth’s.

The next two weeks we will be getting ready to travel. I need to change the wheel bearings on the motorcycle trailer and replace the tire, and program the tire pressure monitor system for the truck and fifth wheel. The goldwing is getting close to needing new tires and I am thinking about changing them before we go. I am still  doing research on what tire I want to try next. These radials only get about 10,000 miles on them, and it’s about $450.00 to have them replaced. Some guys have started putting on run flat car tires on the rear and have had good success with both ride ability and mileage. They are getting 20 to 25 thousand miles on the rear tire. I am not sure that I want to jump to the darkside yet but at the cost savings I might give it a try.



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