Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hopping our Way To Phoenix

We left Colorado Springs last Saturday and traveled to about 25 miles west of Sante Fe. We stopped at a casino that had about 100 RV spots. We were not interested in going into the casino, we just wanted a spot to stay at for Sunday so we could watch the Chiefs game and Max could sit with her leg propped up and iced down.

She is doing fairly well but I am still concerned. It is a chore for her to get in and out of the rig and she can not venture too far because using the crutches tires her out quickly. The Orthopedic told her she can start to bend it to get range of motion after a week. That will be Thursday and she is ready to start that process but still can not put any weight on it at all for eight weeks.

We stayed at the casino for 2 nights and enjoyed the Chiefs win over the 49ers. They have a bye week next weekend then they travel to Indy to play the Colts. I guess our first loss may be coming but I do think they will play fairly well against the Colts. But then again you never know. They could pull off an upset.

We left the casino on Monday morning and headed to Holbrook Arizona and stopped at an overnight spot off the highway. It is a Passport America park and only cost us $14.50.  It is located just outside the Petrified Forest National Park. It is run by a very friendly couple and they sell petrified wood that they get from the Indian Reservation. I bought a few small pieces to send home to the grand boy’s.

We will leave Tuesday morning and head towards Camp Verde Arizona just south of Flagstaff and spend 3 nights there. Then we will limp (no pun intended) into Phoenix on Friday.


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