Monday, November 8, 2010

Enjoying Weather

The weather over the weekend was absolutely gorgeous. High around 85 and the nighttime lows around 58. The next 7 days it is going to get cooler and the highs will be in the mid 70’s and nothing but sunshine.  Suffice it to say that we miss the kids and our friends in Indiana but we do not miss the weather. This time last year we were probably raking the leaves and cleaning out the drainage area and getting things ready for the winter to come. This year my problem is keeping enough shorts clean so I do not have to wear pants.  I think I had to wear jeans two days since we came here in October and that was because I had to go back to Colorado to ride the bike home.

One thing for sure is that with this nice weather it is very easy to keep your vehicles clean. When you wash them they dry off very easily with a towel and will stay clean for a very long time. There is very little Dew that is on the ground in the morning and what is there is gone by 7:00am. With a little Dew on the vehicles I can quickly wipe them down with a towel every other day and they look like they have just been washed. I am due to take them back up to the car wash this week and get them a good bath.

The last few days we have been working over at mom’s. We installed some cabinets in the utility room and are in the process of painting them. We should get them done by next weekend and then Betty is going to put up a backsplash behind the utility sink.

Max is starting to walk a little more without the crutch’s and was doing pretty good until I accidently hit her foot while getting off of the motorcycle causing her to twist her leg in a direction that she was not used to yet. She was now having a harder time walking without the crutches. Hopefully she will bounce back in a few days. I felt bad for not being more careful. She is getting so close to getting healed up that she dose not need her clumsy husband knocking her around. (Sorry Babe!)

Sunday we went to a local sports bar and watched the Chiefs/Raiders game. We had wings and nachos and watched a very typical  game between the Chiefs and Raiders. These games are usually filled with crazy plays and lots of penalties. This game was no exception. It ended up going to overtime and the Chiefs lost. They had plenty of chances to win but flashes of the old Chiefs came back and they played very poorly.

Tuesday is Maxine’s birthday so we are going to get up and go to breakfast and then go and take her mom to some more doctor visits. Normally we go to dinner on our birthdays but this year Max wanted to go for a birthday breakfast so we will go to IHOP.

Not much else happening. So for now I am going out in the sunshine.

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