Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rolling Thru Texas

We left Deming New Mexico and headed for a one night stop in Sierra Blanca. We checked out of the Dream Catcher SKP park and waited for about another 45 minutes for the weather to warm up some. We pulled out at about 11:00am.

The drive east on I-10 was not bad but once we hit El Paso the traffic was getting pretty bad. On the way into El Paso Max got on the CB and told me that it really stinks outside. The aroma had not quite gotten to me yet but within about another minute or two it crept thru the cab of the truck.  After about another mile or so we discovered why. We were coming into the stockyard area and the holding pens were very full. There were huge pens and several thousand of heads of cattle. I told Max that I was craving a hamburger, and she stated that she was craving steaks.

As we passed through El Paso we could see across the boarder into Juarez Mexico. It looked like a war zone, and the houses were not much more than lean two’s and small sheds. It saddens me that people live in those conditions. I understand why there is a boarder problem. I would do everything I could do to get over on this side too If I was in their position. We really need to make the process of coming here legally easier and more efficient. (Just my 2 cents).

We navigated through the traffic and made good time to Sierra Blanca. The Rv park was a Passport America park and the cost was only $10.00 for the night. The park sites were very small and we were barely able to fit our rig into a spot. We got set up and it was about 4.00pm and we started thinking about dinner. The park also has a Mexican restaurant on site. So we opted to go give it a try. It was really a very small restaurant and I had my doubts. We both ordered the Mexican plate which was a Taco, 2 Enchilada’s and a Relleno. The food was actually pretty good and we could walk home. Sierra Blanca is a very small town and we had no cell service or internet. We were definitely off of the grid.

We left Sierra Blanca on Friday morning and headed towards Fort Stockton. It was only about a 150 mile drive but a very scenic drive for awhile. Very rolling hills then it turned into flat nothingness. There were no buildings, very few towers just flat lonely desert.

We pulled into the Parkview Rv park which is south of town. It is a few miles off of I-10 but it is another Passport America park and is only $10.00 a night. The weather here is a little warmer and we should be able to use our fireplace and heat pump most of the time for heat.

We will stay here for two nights and will leave on Sunday. Saturday we will venture into Fort Stockton and see the historic section and what the town has to offer.

Enjoy your day!

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