Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Medina Lake, Lakehills Tx

Our visit to Fort Stockton was pretty much spent with us holed up inside the rig. It was pretty chilly and we just wanted to relax.  We spent most of Friday and Saturday watching the football playoff games.

Now we were pretty content on Saturday  just watching the game until a Pizza Hut commercial came on. That was it, we could not get pizza out of our heads. A quick search told us that there was a Pizza Hut 1.3 miles away from us. We put our coats on and got on the bike and watched the rest of the football game while enjoying a pizza. Pizza Huts advertising worked this time!

We left Fort Stockton on Sunday morning and drove/rode about 200 miles to the very small town of Junction Texas. Here we found a small RV lot next to the Economy Inn that was only $10.00 for the night. There was only one other RV that stayed in the lot with us. It was quite and was good enough for a one night stop.

We left Junction and only had about a 110 mile drive to the Thousand Trails Preserve at Medina Lake in Lakehills Tx. This is the first time we have been able to stay at a TT park since we joined last December. The benefit here is that we have no nightly fees. We can stay up to 21 days and then we have to move. We will stay here until Feb 7th, then we will move to another TT trail park close to Houston. That will give us another 21 days of no nightly fees. That extra savings will help with our diesel costs as we work our way east.

We checked in with the ranger check in station and then parked the rig in a parking lot. Then I hopped on the bike with Max and we scouted the park looking for a campsite. There are allot of trees in this campground and we wanted one where we could still get a satellite signal. We scouted around for about a half hour and finally found one.

The site has trees along one side and I was not sure if we would get our sat signal or not. I got us backed in and the first thing we did was plug in and raised the dish to see if we would lock in. There are some branches right in the line of sight of the dish but it still locked on.


Once we got set up our welcoming committee showed up looking for some handouts.




The deer are everywhere here and you have to really watch where you drive. They are pretty good about not getting spooked and will stay still as you pass by but every once in awhile one will dart in front of you.


After getting set up we took a short walk around the campground. There are 265 acres here to explore and we have 21 days to do it. I am not sure if I will get the Sea Eagle kayak out or not. We will see how warm the days get.

Max enjoying the view of Medina Lake


Enjoy Your Day!

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