Thursday, January 20, 2011

Oh Deer!

Tuesday and Wednesday the weather here was absolutely gorgeous. About 75 degrees and lots of sunshine. Unfortunately it is not going to stay that way. The temps are going to drop into the high 50’s for the next 4 or 5 day’s. Still better than the snow and ice we are seeing on the news back east.

We found the closest Walmart, which is on the edge of San Antonio. It is about 50 miles round trip so we want to consolidate our trips as much as possible. The ride to and from is through the “Texas Hill” country and it is just beautiful.  On our way to buy our groceries we stopped at a fast food restaurant called Mama Margie’s. It is a Mexican fast food place but it was freshly grilled and you helped your self to the chips and salsa out of the chip warmer. They even made their own flour and corn tortilla’s. It was pretty good for fast food and beat Taco Bell easily on both price and quality.

After lunch we bought our groceries and then headed back home. We took about a 2 mile walk and while we were walking, at a distance we saw 2 Bucks fighting. They were getting about 4 feet from each other than they would crash their antlers together. We were not very close and I did not have my camera with me anyway but it was neat to observe. We made it back to the rig and we sat outside to read and to enjoy  the sunshine, when the local girls club showed up and started milling around.


You can tell that they are use to people and that people feed them regularly. Surprisingly the park does not discourage it. They even sell deer food at the Activity Center.  I could not resist when they would come up real close and bat their Bambi eye’s at me. So I went inside and brought them some raisins to eat. 

After awhile one of the boy’s was coming to crash the girls party.


He was a nice 8 pointer. We cut up an apple to tossed it out to him. He would eat out of our hand but those 8 points kind of persuaded me to just keep my distance.


I got up and walked around him to get this shot of Max and him checking each other out.


I grilled some pork chops for dinner and while we were eating the big fella just stood outside and milled around waiting for us to come back out. Finally after about 10 minutes he lost his patience and took off after the ladies.


We went up to the activity center to see if anyone was playing any cards. There were a few people there but the games had already started. Max worked on a jigsaw puzzle and I used the Wi-Fi.

The next several days we will just spend here at the campground and relax and research the San Antonio area. We will of course go to the Alamo, and to a couple of other historic missions as well. We will also go on the river walk and explore that as well. We might even check out a few state parks that are close by for hiking opportunities. One thing for sure is, we are not in a hurry.

Enjoy Your Day! 

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