Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Last Days In Arley Alabama, Travel Day to Tennessee

This past week here in Arley was very laid back and relaxing. I finished one of my kindle books and Max devoured a couple of books herself. The weather has been really nice. Arley must have not gotten the memo that we were in town!

We decided to take a bike ride up through the Bankhead National forest and then drop back down to Natural Bridge Alabama. The weather was a perfect 75 degrees and blue sky’s. All along the forest we could see where they had done some clear cutting and had replanted new trees. It was a very scenic ride and we had the smells of wild onions from time to time. We had no real plan, we just followed a road that looked interesting. Eventually I directed the GPS to get us to Natural Bridge.

We stopped at Natural Bridge Alabama which has a county park that hosts the largest natural bridge east of the Rockies. We brought along a picnic lunch and just really enjoyed the warm weather and the surroundings.


There are actually a few bridges here.




There is about a half mile walking path that meanders along a stream and then loops back to the visitor center. It was a very pretty area and a great way to spend a beautiful day.

After visiting the park we headed to Jasper to buy a few groceries at Wal-mart then headed back to the rig to enjoy the evening.

Saturday and Sunday we spent the day at the rig and watched a little Nascar racing and grilled out. I started to do some prepacking and getting the rig ready to move on Monday. While sitting outside we watched this Downey woodpecker trying to get his own meal.


I checked all the air pressures on the truck and on the motorcycle and got them ready to go. I am visually checking my motorcycle tires for tread and wear every time we move now because they are getting close to their mileage limit.

This is the downside to riding the motorcycle instead of trailering it. I am only getting about 10,000 miles out of a set of tires. I am trying to at least make them last a year. I don’t think I am going to make it since we will be traveling to Indiana and back in another week and that will put another 1000 miles on them. I will probably need to replace them in Nashville before we head to the RV-Dreams rally in April.

Monday we got up and got ready to travel. We stopped to say goodbye to a couple from Indiana that we had met and then headed north to Tennessee.

We stopped in Lawrenceburg at a Wal-mart to buy groceries and then found our way to the Natchez Trace Thousand Trails Resort along the Natchez Trace Parkway. The campground sits on a nice lake and has many sites. The downside is that the sites are not very level and finding one level enough to level the RV can be a challenge.

We found a spot that was fairly level that gave us a good satellite and cell signal. The clubhouse is still closed for the winter but they still have WiFi if you want to sit outside. Luckily our air-card works where we are and we can get online in the rig.

This week should be another laid back week.

Enjoy Your Day!



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