Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Watching For A Window

I think I have come to the conclusion that the weather forecasts for this area are not very accurate. It was suppose to be sunny and a high of 56 or so for the last couple of days. It has been cloudy and it might hit 50 for about 3 seconds.

We bit the bullet and made an appointment to get new tires on the wing. I am never happy about paying any where between $400 and $500 for two tires that only get me 10 to 12 thousand miles. At our current rate of travel we would have to put on new tires twice a year. Something is going to have to change. I may have to go to the “Darkside” (car tires)

We made the 60 mile trip to the Honda shop in Franklin, Tn and had new Dunlop’s installed. I wanted Bridgestone but they did not have any in stock. Our timing on our trip did not leave me any room to have some ordered so I went ahead with the Dunlop’s. They are okay tires, it is just that I have had gotten better mileage out of the Bridgestone’s.

The trip to Franklin took us on part of the Natchez Trace and then through the rolling hills. What beautiful country this is. If it was warmer in the winter, I think Tennessee would find us here more often.

We got home and started looking at the weather for Thursday between here and Huntington. We were looking for a window to make our mad dash. We decided that we would leave on Wednesday at around noon when the sun is suppose to come out and get to 50 degrees. We will ride half way or so and stop for the night, then leave Thursday a little later in the morning and ride the rest of the way into Huntington when it is the warmest part of the day. Right now it looks like our return trip to the campground next Monday is going to be wet.

We are ready to see the kids and grandkids even if it is only for the weekend. I will get enough hugs in to last me until we return in May. Now I have to get packing and ready to leave before the weather changes its mind.

Enjoy Your Day!


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