Sunday, April 3, 2011

No Place Like Home


We left Wednesday morning and road to Louisville Kentucky. There we found a Comfort Inn to stay at. We were ready to stop because the high temp was only 43 degrees for the day. It was a cold ride but at least it was dry.

We checked out as late as we could to let the temps rise as much as they could. When we left Louisville it was 39 degrees. We would have about another 5 hours on the road before we made it back to the Huntington area.

It warmed up to about 45 by the time we arrived. We stopped had had dinner first before we went to Mike and Cheryl’s house. We went to the Village Inn and had their breaded tenderloin. The best anywhere!

We got to Mikes and Cheryl’s just before they both made it home from work. After we got our hugs, we had to get Emma to warm up to us. The last time we saw her she was just a little over four months old. My goal was to get her to come to me first before Maxine. I think women stick together! She went to Maxine pretty quick. It took her awhile to come to me. I wonder if her cousin's have been talking too her!

Here is the cutie


Friday I had a dentist appointment and then Max and I did some shopping. We had plans to surprise Blake and Gage. (Our 8 and 6 year old grandsons)They did not know that we were coming into town.

We arrived at their mothers house and we waited in the entryway and the kids where in the bedroom. Their mom said that they could come out that their surprise was in the entryway.

The looks on their faces was priceless. They jumped into our arms and gave us the biggest hugs. The are too big for kisses so we just have to steal them. ( I think that is what they want us to do)

We took them out to Chucky Cheese and had pizza and played the games for a few hours then headed over to Dairy Queen for desert. Afterwards we took them back home and visited with David and Beth for the evening.

Saturday we celebrated Emma’s first birthday. The theme for the party was penguins. Cheryl went all out and even made a penguin cake.


Here is the birthday girl. I love the cupcake on her dress


Here she is with her first cake. She was not quite sure of it.


It was a great party and we enjoyed getting to see the kids all in one place.

Sunday our plan is to take Blake and Gage to breakfast and then to the movies to see Hop. Then if the weather cooperates we will go to a nice park to play.

We will be heading back to Tennessee on Monday. It will probably be another overnight trip unless it gets drastically warmer as we head south.

Enjoy Your Day! 


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