Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rainy Ride Back To Tennessee

Monday we got up at about 6:00am and checked the weather. It was raining pretty good with no end in sight. We decided to go back to bed and to check the weather out later in the morning to see if it would be better.

We got back up around 10.00am and watched Mike and Cheryl go through their morning routine with Emma. Getting her breakfast and a bath. I was constantly checking the weather and it was not looking good all the way south to Tennessee.

It stopped raining for a little while and the temperature was in the low 60’s but was going to drop throughout the day. We decided since it was only rain and not severe storms we would at least try to get as far south as we could for the day while it was somewhat warmer.

We got packed up and gave our last hugs and kisses to Mike and Cheryl and Emma and started out. Just as soon as we pulled out the rain started to fall a little harder.

We headed south on interstate 69 towards Indianapolis. It was a steady rain and we had wind gusts that blew us around a little. We have been in worse but it is still not fun.

Just on the south side of Indianapolis we picked up highway 65 south and found a Cracker Barrel restaurant to stop and have lunch and dry out a little. I wanted to at least make it to Louisville Ky. as long as I felt safe enough riding in the rain. I am so glad we decided to put the new tires on the bike before we left Tennessee. The bike had a good grip and I did not feel any loss of control at all.

We made it to Louisville around 6:30 and found a Comfort Inn. It was ironic that the Comfort Inn also had a inside water park. We declined the water park passes. We have had enough water fun for one day. After nice hot showers we just laid in bed and watched TV for the evening.

Tuesday we got up and it was nice and sunny. It was a cooler 43 degrees but it was dry. After noon the temp finally reached 55. We ended up gaining an hour due to Tennessee being in the Central Time Zone. We made it back to the rig around 3:00pm local time.

We pulled all the slide back out and I got the water hooked back up. We had to dry out some blankets and pillow’s that had gotten wet inside of my cargo trailer. Max through the blankets in the washer and dryer and I laid the pillows out on the picnic table to dry in the sun.

We decided to get back on the bike and head into Hohenwald to eat dinner and to fill the bike up with gas for our departure on Friday.

Friday we will be headed to Sevierville, Tn. and will be staying at the Plantation River Rv Resort. We will be attending the Rally. This will be our first RV rally of any kind and should be a very good one. We are looking forward to meeting fellow “Dreamers” and maybe learn a few things.

So Wednesday and Thursday we will be getting ready to go. Max will be working on March’s financials and I will be getting the bike, truck and RV ready to travel. The nice part is that it will be in the 70’s for at least the next week.

Enjoy Your Day!

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