Monday, April 4, 2011

Sunday, With The Boy’s

Sunday morning we got up and picked Blake and Gage up around 9:30. We had asked them where they wanted to go for breakfast and they said Bob Evans. We headed to Bob Evans and had a great breakfast. The boy’s have really picked up their appetite since we last saw them.


After breakfast we had to go to Wal-mart  to cash a check that Maxine received in the mail. Of course when the boy’s asked if we could go look at toy’s how could I say no. We spent several minutes in the toy aisle letting the boy’s decide what they wanted. Of course our idea of inexpensive is different than theirs, we had to gently steer them in the right direction.

When they were satisfied with their choices we headed over to the movie theater to watch HOP. It was a cute movie and we had our fill of Twizzlers, Pop, and Popcorn.

The weather was fairly warm but windy so we headed to the park after the movie. There the boy’s were able to play and we could sit and watch them.

Blake and Gage on the airplane



On the Tank


Gage’s version of Auguste Rodin’s “The Thinker”


When we were finished at the park, we went to McDonald’s for dinner. It was a time just to talk to the boy’s. They do not understand why we sold the house and started traveling. We really try to reinforce to them that we love them and that we will always be there for them. (insert guilt here)

We took them home around 5:00pm and visited with David and Beth for awhile. David graduates in May with a B.S. in C.S. and has been offered a position with General Dynamic’s where he has interned as a Software Engineer. It is a fantastic opportunity for him. He and Beth will be getting married in August at the Botanical Conservatory in Ft. Wayne.

We visited for awhile than we had to leave to start getting ready for our trip back to Tennessee. With hugs and kisses we told the boys that we would see them in 4 more weeks.

Our plan was to leave on Monday morning but the rain and storms is putting a delay in our departure. It is warmer today but wet. Tomorrow will be dry but a lot colder. We may try to find a window between the storms to at least travel some of the way today.

Enjoy Your Day!

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