Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Long Stretch Ahead

Our time here at Campbellsville is quickly coming to an end. As of today, (Wednesday) we will only have 13 days left to work. Unfortunately though, we will be working 11 out of the next 12 days.

It will be a grueling stretch, but I know we are up for it. Just knowing we will be getting back on the road real soon helps us get through the long days.

We have a few things to do yet to get ready. Most of them we won’t do until just a couple of days prior to leaving.

We started hearing some brake noise on the front of the Goldwing this past week. My plan was to have the brakes changed when we put new tires on the bike as we travel through Abilene Texas in a few more weeks. I thought I better take a look at them so I pulled the front fender off and did a visual inspection.

I am glad I did, they are worn  badly with very little pad left. There are no Honda shops close buy so I ordered some pads on-line. They should get here by this Friday and I should be able to get them changed on my day off next week. So until I get them changed we will just use the truck.

Tuesday night was our weekly get together for those of us that have Tuesday and Wednesday off. Several ladies worked with some of the kids that are here building Ginger Bread Houses. They were really made from Gram Crackers and it looked like they were having a fun time. I think the ladies were having more fun than the kids.



Later that evening the drinks started flowing and we swapped stories and had a pretty good time. Once the moonshine came out it got a little crazier.


Mixed with apple cider, they call it apple pie! Really good!


You can tell the quality of the Moonshine by how it burns. A nice high blue flame makes it about 160 proof. If there is any yellow in the flame, then it is closer to 100 proof alcohol. I am getting quite an education since coming here.

This batch is about 160 proof.



As part of my continuing education I had to sample a few shots. Combined with the wine I was drinking and a few shots of Canadian Mist, lets just say it was a rough start this morning.

It is getting cold here now and the night time temps are getting into the high 20’s. We are not sure if we will leave on the 24th or not. If the weather looks good, we will stay over for Christmas.

Enjoy Your Day!



Laurie and George said...

Your time went so fast! I bet you are glad it's almost over, and for the padding in your bank account. Hey, a little moonshine never hurts anyone!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Good to know you are learning some valuable skills :). If you go through Deming on your way to AZ let us

Dave and Maxine- Wandering Wingers said...

Jo Beth and Catherine, we will be going through Deming and plan on staying at the Escapees park there for a few days. We will be sure to get with you! Can't wait!!!

Mike and Terri said...

It's always good to "learn something new every day." :-)