Thursday, December 22, 2011

Farewell Dinner and Heading West

Tuesday was our last day at Amazon. We worked until our exit interview meeting where we filled out some surveys and listened to some of the performance statistics that were accomplished while we were there.

The program itself is a good one and we hope they keep using the camper workforce in the future. Would  we do it again? Maybe, if we needed to make up some money, but if we need to do it again we will look for other experiences. That is what we like about this lifestyle, flexibility.

We had a celebration dinner at Colton’s which is the local steakhouse. We had about 5 couples and our two immediate supervisors. We enjoyed several hours of Amazon war stories and was able to spend some quality time with our new friends before we all go our separate ways.


Our Supervisor Sandy (right) and her assistant Annette. Wonderful ladies!


We broke up the little party around 8pm with hugs and see ya down the road. We will meet up with one couple, Dan and Judy Todd when we get to Quartzsite in January.

We made it back to the campground and had another round of goodbyes. We really had a good time at the Greene River Stables campground and the owners really make it a fun place.

If you get to Campbellsville Ky, stay at Greene River Stables. Thank You Erin and Darrel for making our experience there so great.


We pulled out on Wednesday morning around 10:30am. We had very cloudy skies but no rain. The temperature was about 55 for most of the day which made Max happy. It could have been a lot colder.

We made the 355 mile trip to Birmingham Alabama where we stopped at a Walmart for the night. I went in and talked with the manager to get permission to stay all night. We wanted to get to Monroe La, on Thursday, but strong storms are forecasted all through Mississippi and this part of Alabama for Thursday.

Thursday morning after looking at the radar we decided to stay put in Birmingham. I looked for campgrounds but I did not think we could get to any of them without Max getting soaked. It is just not worth the risk so we decided to stay at this Walmart again until Friday morning. The storm system is suppose to blow through today so we will just ride it out here. Thank goodness we have the generator to give us a little power.

That’s it for now, we hopefully can get to Canton Texas where we have reservations to spend Christmas. I am not sure Santa can find us at some Walmart lot somewhere along Interstate 20.

Enjoy Your Day!


Steve and Joan said...

Hey! You didn't say what your final weight loss was. Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas. We are leaving for Oregon the middle of March. We have to be there April 15th. I'm sure we'll see you down the road. Joan

gypsygirl said...

Safe travels, Merry Christmas and congrats on your Amazon gig. Give us a gingle when you get to Quarsite.

Mike and Terri said...

Congrats on finishing out your assignment at Amazon! A job well done, and now it's time for some well-deserved R&R!!

Safe travels, and Merry Christmas!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Be Safe!