Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Getting Ready To Roll!


We have about six days left here at Campbellsville. We are getting excited about hitting the road again.

Since we only have today (Wednesday ) off, I have a lot of chores to do to get us semi ready to pull out next Wednesday. Looking at the ten day  weather forecast, it looks like the route to Dallas through Memphis and Little Rock will have temperatures around 45 degrees for a high.

If we head further south to Birmingham and across Louisiana on Interstate 20, the highs will be around 55 degrees. 10 degrees makes a big difference when riding a motorcycle. It will only add about 160 miles, and Max will be a lot warmer.

We made reservations to stay over the Christmas holiday at a campground in Canton Texas. It looks like a nice resort and hopefully there will be others there were we can partake in a Holiday meal. If not we will just make the best of it.

This will be our first Christmas away from any family members and Max has warned me to be prepared for a significant emotional event!. I am preparing by supplying the camper with plenty of Kleenex, Chocolate and her Cosmopolitan’s.

We are spending our day off getting some things ready to go. I will be changing the brakes on the goldwing, get all the air pressures set and calibrated to the monitor system and then get things re-arranged in the basement and pack all that I can. Max is working on the inside cleaning and getting things put away that she can.

We should be released next Tuesday and we have plans for a celebration dinner at the local steakhouse with about six other couples. Then next Wednesday we should be able to get back on the road again. Of course this is all in speculation that we will be released on the 20th instead of the 23rd.

Either way we are getting excited about heading west again. The downside is, it is further away from our wonderful kids. I may need to get a little more Kleenex.

Enjoy Your Day!


gypsygirl said...

Congrats!!! Be safe in your travels west and stay warm.

Anonymous said...

Don't count your chickens (or tissues). Amazon might beg you to stay, and me the money.

Have fun, whatever you do.

Leanne (Laurie & George's Mom)

Dan and Tricia said...

This will be my first Christmas away with my kids too. (Although I will see them over New Year's)
What a good guy you are having the necessities ready for Max! Bruce and Laura will be with us over Christmas and are looking forward to celebrating with them!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

Catherine checked our last order and indeed my exhaust tips came from KY. You might have picked them. There is a nice RV park in Big Spring and the KOA in Van Horn is nice. Deming has lots of RV parks and a couple of state parks. We would love to see you if you come through and have time. Just drop a line-