Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

To all of our family and friends!


We are currently in Canton Texas resting for a few days. Getting here was a little dicey with all the storms the south had the last few days.

Wednesday and Thursday we pretty much sat at a Birmingham Alabama Walmart. The rain came down constantly and there was even a tornado warning south of town. Certainly not motorcycle riding weather!

There was a McDonalds in the Walmart where we ate dinner on Wednesday night and across the street there was a nice Jim and Nicks BBQ restaurant where we ate dinner on Thursday night. With access to the restaurants we did not save any money by boondocking at Walmart.

I tried to find a campground close to where we were, but there was nothing around. The weather would not allow us to make a short hop anywhere. The good thing is that we were in no hurry and decided to just wait until the weather turns.

We left Birmingham on Friday morning and traveled about 350 miles. We lost a good hour due to an accident on the highway. It was getting colder and dark so we decided to hit another Walmart in Rayville La. We had a campground west of Monroe reserved but it was just getting to late in the evening. We do not like to travel after dark if we can help it.

We left Rayville and had about a 250 mile travel day to get to the Mill Creek campground in Canton Texas. The last 30 miles or so Max was in a pretty good downpour and was getting very cold. She was worn out. Nothing gets on your nerves more than being on two wheels in the rain with very poor visibility and having 18 wheelers go whipping past.

This campground is in our Coast to Coast network and was only $15 a night. We have a concrete pad with full hook ups.  There are only 3 other campers here so it will be very quite.

We plan on staying here until next Wednesday. On Tuesday I have an appointment with a Honda shop in Tyler to get new tires put on the bike. Then we will head west. We plan on being in Benson Az on New Years Eve and stay at the Escapees Co-op park until the 6th. Then we will head to Lake Pleasant Az and spend a couple of weeks just relaxing and visiting Max’s mother and sister.

We wish everyone a Merry Christmas and safe travels where ever you may go.

Enjoy Your Day!



Al and Karen said...

Merry Christmas! Stay warm Maxine!

Steve and Joan said...

Merry Christmas Dave and Maxine! I don't think I could do the riding Maxine does. She's what I call a hard core biker! We finally found a trailer for our bikes which Steve will pull with the motorhome while I follow in the car. Take care!

Mike and Terri said...

Hope that's the last of any bad weather Maxine will have to endure on your way west.

Merry Christmas!

Catherine, Jo Beth and Grace said...

It is supposed to be beautiful out here this week so you should have a pleasant journey to Deming. Call us when you get in 813 758 0037