Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Rolling With The Flow


One of the best things about this lifestyle is the flexibility that we have. We really do not have to be in any special place at any given time. Other than Max made me promise to never let her see snow, we can pretty much move any direction we want. (except north in the winter). We made our plans to head back to Arizona to get the motorcycle and then spend some time up around Cottonwood/Prescott/Sedona.

Then we met our neighbors Larry and Sandy. Larry and Max have something in common. They both have really bad knees. Maxine has had several surgeries on each knee, plus an ACL tear from two years ago. During our short gig at gate guarding one of her knees swelled to the size of a cantaloupe. It is just now getting back close to normal. She always has pain and the doctors told her she would need knee replacements but she is a little too young and they want her to try pain management first. Now her knees are getting to the point to where her quality of life is starting to be affected.

Larry our neighbor was talking to her about the pain management he was receiving from a doctor in Austin. It has really helped him and has made his quality of life a lot better. After researching the treatment, Max and I feel that it would be something for her to try. The downside is the treatments are a series of injections that may take up to four to six months to get completed.

We figured that we really do not have to be anywhere and since we were here, and we had a great referral to the Doctor that does these treatments, that we would just stay in Texas a little bit longer. She has an appointment next Tuesday in Austin to see if she is a good candidate for the treatments. Max has not had any pain treatments yet for her knee issues but we think now is the time.

We will be moving next Monday to McKinney State Park in Austin for a couple of days, then after her appointment, we will head down to Columbus to stay at the Thousand Trails Resort there and continue her follow up appointments. We do not know yet how many injections she will need or how many months to finish the treatment, so we are just going to roll with the flow.

We have stayed at the Thousand Trails Resort in Columbus before. They have a huge pecan tree grove there and we missed the season by a couple of months last time. This time we should be there at the right time to get us some pecans. Hopefully the drought has not hurt them any.

Thursday we have plans to meet up with some friends of ours that we met at the RV-Dreams rally in Tennessee two years ago. We ran into them again in Deming Nm last year and this year JoBeth and Catherine are in the San Antonio area. We can’t wait to hear about their travels and about their new rig. They just got a Phaeton motorhome a few weeks ago. (insert jealousy here) .

Weekly football report……Chiefs lost 40-24. Looks like a typical season is underway. Oh Well!!!


Enjoy Your Day! 



Mike and Terri said...

Larry's pain management results sound encouraging. Hope Maxine's doctor appointment goes well.

Dan and Tricia said...

Hope that all goes well with the knee. Gotta love the flexibility of this lifestyle!

Laurie and George said...

We're with you snow again would be fine with us :) Good luck on the consult of Max's knee. I've heard good reports about injections for pain management.

Steve and Joan said...

It's funny hearing someone say they never want to see snow again! I get all excited every time I see it, especially in the summer. Mt Hood has it all year. Yeah! Hope Max finds relief for her knee pain.

gypsygirl said...

Hope all goes well Max.